September 18, 2020

Greetings church!

Thank you for your patience and understanding about reopening. We have an exciting announcement in the form of a video that you can watch below.

Pastor Randy

July 7, 2020

Greetings church!

We are looking to remain agile and create connection in this time. Check out the following video for a picture of what that looks like in the near future.

Pastor Randy

June 30, 2020

Hello CCC Church family!

Most likely you have heard that Gov. Ducey has issued another executive order in response to significantly elevated COVID cases in our state. Part of that order involves restrictions on groupings of over 50 people. Since our Sunday morning in-person services exceed that number, we are moving back to online only services, at least for the duration of the 30-day order.

While there will no doubt be some groups that will opt for a loophole or a workaround, we feel strongly compelled to follow protocols from the CDC as well as local authorities. Our congregation has responded in amazing ways to “being the church” in these tumultuous times and we are committed to those among us who find themselves at risk or in a compromised position.

We know you are looking for more and better ways to connect with your church family. We are working on some new ways in this next season to “reimagine church.” Stay tuned for some exciting upcoming information.

Lastly, this Sunday is communion! Once again, I invite you to participate by having your elements selected and on hand for the end of the service. I will lead us through the communion process. It is an amazing reality that the body and blood of Christ holds us together even when we must be physically apart.

If you would like prepackaged communion, feel free to stop by the office from 9a-4p tomorrow or Thursday to pick some up (the office will be closed on Friday).


June 10, 2020

Greetings church!

For those of you curious about some of the Sunday morning specifics about reopening, click the video below to see a really great walkthrough!

Pastor Randy

June 8, 2020

Greetings church!

I know you have all been waiting anxiously for news about reopening and want to thank you for your patience and understanding. We have an exciting reopening announcement in the form of a video that you can see by watching the following video.

Pastor Randy

June 2, 2020

Greetings church!

As you know, we are hoping to reopen on-site worship while following CDC and governmental guidelines. In our phase 1 opening, we will be taking several precautions in order to do this safely.
1. We will take temperatures with infrared thermometers to be sure all are fever-free.
2. We will be requiring everyone to wear masks
3. Our worship center seating will be set up for social distancing (every other row will be removed, please keep two seats between your family and the next)
4. We are planning to have resources for kids to attend in the service as well as kids ministry programming so you can choose what works best for your family on that day. 

In order to re-open, we need a minimum of 13 non-at-risk volunteers per service. In addition, we also need approximately 15 worship and tech volunteers (which we have!). Currently, we do not have enough volunteers to open. I am writing to ask for some more advice from all of you. Here is what we are wondering:
1. Does the amount of people wanting to attend in person require two services?
2. Do we have enough non-at-risk volunteers (under 65 in good health) to open two services?
3. Do we have enough volunteers to open one service?
Please respond to the 2-question survey link below to help decide. We will need to make a decision this weekend to be ready for June 14, so the deadline for survey submission is this Friday, June 5.

Thank you church!!!!!
Grateful to be Family On Mission with you!
Pastor Randy

May 11, 2020

Greetings Church Family!

It is an honor and a privilege to be family on mission with you.

As you know, reopening large gatherings (like church services) is still quite a ways off. Even so, as we are tracking carefully the reopening process and the CDC guidelines, we thought it wise to get some input from our church family members.

I am including below a link to an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings. Please complete the inventory fully because the last section about your health and well being is super important to me! If you would do your best to tackle it this week, it would be super helpful. Thank you for your input! We are in this together!

– PR

Note: the survey link has since expired

May 7, 2020

Greetings Church!

    I am so grateful for each one of you. I pray consistently for your health and well-being. I pray consistently for an end to the coronavirus and a cure for COVID-19. I celebrate the stories of the church being the church! We have several things to share with you today.

    Mother’s Day is only a few days away!! We have a lot going on to make sure that moms feel appreciated. We have some raffle prizes going out! You will be able to nominate your mom for those great prizes, giving her an even more wonderful day!

    There is also a really sweet Mother’s Day video being shown in the service featuring submissions from you! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to show appreciation to the moms who have supported us throughout our lives.

    Moms, are you looking to find a fun way to invite your family to be with you during church? We have attached a great, text-able invite that you can open and then download by clicking the button below.

     It’s Thursday, and you know what that means! Amanda has given us another sneak peek at one of the songs we will be singing together on Sunday. Click the button below to check it out!

    That leads to one more thing to give you today. One of the things that we are looking forward to is being back together. What you need to know is that we have been monitoring carefully information coming from the CDC and the Governor’s office. As we see things begin to reopen the first question on many of our minds is……When can we go back to church?! We know a couple of things. #1 The authorization to gather large groups of people is not a part of the immediate phase in. #2 When we are allowed to gather it will be living into a new reality.

    Currently we are working on a phase-in plan that will be in alignment with recommended guidelines. We want our CCC family to be safe and well-cared for. You can be assured that we are thinking through all the details of that, and we are already making the necessary adjustments in facility and programming toward that end. You can also be assured that we will be over communicating as we move closer to regathering. Stay strong, keep the faith, be a blessing!

– PR

April 24, 2020

Happy Friday, CCC!

Looking to do something fun and impactful over the weekend? We need your help sharing some laughter and joy!

Simply record a short video about something good that has come out of quarantine, whether it be inspirational, funny, or anything in between! Bonus points for filming your kids’ answers about their favorite part of quarantine.
Click the button below to share it with us, so that we can spread the joy to others. (If needed, instructions can be found at the bottom of the email.)

Additionally, Amanda so wonderfully recorded another worship song that we will be singing Sunday, so get a sneak peek by clicking below!

Honored to be family on mission with you!

Video recording instructions in 13 easy steps:

1. Open your phone’s video recorder
2. Hold the phone horizontally/sideways with the camera focused on your face
3. Make sure the lighting is good (we want to see how great your face looks!)
4. Start the video with your name and maybe a bit about yourself
5. Talk about some positive elements of quarantine
6. Open this email on your phone
7. Tap the “Upload Video” button above
8. Tap the “Choose files” box that comes up on the screen
9. Locate and select the video from your phone
10. Enter your name and email into the text boxes that come on the screen
11. Hit upload
12. Be patient (Yeah, it takes awhile)
13. Once the upload is complete, you’re all finished! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

April 2, 2020

Greetings CCC Family,

Below find updates on our OUT/IN/UP. Also see some special notes about Palm Sunday and Easter below.

I am so grateful and impressed with our people. We are partnering with others. We have people praying in Banner Hospital parking lot, people buying and delivering flowers to residents in nursing homes and our own shut-ins, and a team calling all our people to check in, pray, and make sure needs are being met (click the button below to be a part of these opportunities). Our Foltz Foundation is actively assisting families with needs. We are partnering with Senator McSally to bless and meet needs of healthcare workers – more on how you can specifically help in this area to come. Our “OUT” being the hands and feet of Jesus is bringing help and hope in the midst of the crisis. Well done, church! Keep hitting that sign up button! And thank you so much for your continued giving. Your faithfulness continues to make the light of Jesus shine bright!

In addition our “IN” is doing well too! We have kids, preteen, and student ministries that are engaging with kids and youth intentionally every week. We are putting out content for those at home as well as joining Facebook or Zoom for live interaction. Calls are being made and notes being sent each day to connect with our kids and youth.

Our “UP” is strong! I am very proud of our Worship Arts team. Each week we are ushered into the presence of God as we gather for worship. Each day we are given encouraging words from our staff devotions. We are planning special Holy week resources for every day next week! We have Zoom groups meeting daily. We are forming a sermon-based Zoom group now. It isn’t too late to join! Email for more information.

Palm Sunday is Communion Sunday. Don’t forget to grab your elements to celebrate with us this Sunday.

Easter is coming quickly. Don’t forget to send in your CCC family montage dance video. We need it today! Here are the tutorial and submission links. 

You are all AMAZING! I am so proud to serve with you for such a time as this!

April 1, 2020

What Happy Wednesday, Church!

We are excited about several updates to our “OUT” opportunities. 

Meals on wheels is moving forward, although, with a new wrinkle. Our original plan was to deliver breakfast and lunch to students from Sunburst Elementary School that are without transportation. Unfortunately, restrictions will not allow us to assist in that way. We have spoken with the Washington Elementary School District’s head of nutrition services to see if there are any avenues in which we may partner with them to assist in meal delivery on a broader scale. That being said, we are launching a new opportunity that meals on wheels can help with. We are calling it “Flower Power.” As you probably know, most nursing homes are unable to allow visitors. In an effort to spread joy to those most at risk, we plan to purchase flowers in bulk and deliver them to the nursing homes. We have reached out to several nursing homes in our area, and, already, a couple of facilities have expressed gratitude for the offer and have agreed to deliver one flower directly to each of their residents. We also intend to deliver to CCC shut-ins as well! Our meals on wheels folks can help deliver, and you, as an individual, can help purchase some flowers (anywhere from a single flower to two dozen), if you wish, for this ministry. To do that, simply fill out the form by clicking the button below.

Our blood drive partner was SUPER happy that we are willing to participate to help in this time of shortage. At their request are partnering to have a blood drive at the end of the month. More details to follow. 

Banner parking lot prayer is on! Sign up and let us know you are “in.” If you want to “represent,” we have sunshades available that you can put in your window. You can do a no touch drive by pick up by the front church parking lot. Let us know you are coming by clicking the button below! The sunshades come in two square pieces. Grab ONE so we can maximize the distribution. It will be fun to see all the flashers with CCC sunshades. 

We are calling all our CCC folks to support and pray and meet needs. Let us know if you want to be a part of the calling team or part of the team to respond to any of those needs that might come up. You can get involved by expressing interest by clicking the button below.

I am so grateful for all of you! CCC’s light is shining bright!
Much love and appreciation,

March 30, 2020

Happy Monday, CCC Family!

I so miss you all….AND in our “apartness,” I’m so grateful to be connecting by worshipping with you each week. Your responses through chat comments, prayer requests, and financial giving have been wonderful. Thank you! I am excited to share a bunch of things…. but not to excited about this first one….

As you likely know, we are all moving into a “Stay At Home” spot as of 5pm tomorrow. We will be closing the office and modifying how we do our jobs. It just got harder, but your church staff is up for the challenge! We are actually going to increase our engagement AND our outward ministry. That’s the exciting news… on!

First in the exciting news category, we get to experience communion together this coming Sunday! In order for that to work we have a couple options.The first option is you can gather some supplies on your own this week. Grab some juice or wine and some bread or crackers. I will be leading everyone through the communion process together during the service. The second option is for you to drive by the church tomorrow before 4PM to pick up prepackaged communion elements. We will have them available from 9am-4pm. Of course, as always during this season, if you are unable or if it is unwise for you to leave your home AND you need the communion elements give us a call. We will deliver! 602-978-3075.

Second, I just got out of a strategic planning meeting with the staff. We meet daily in order to better serve you and our community. We are launching some exciting endeavors in order to better serve our community during this crisis. Here are the ones to share for today. Simply click the button below or go to our website to respond to each of the following opportunities!

1. We discovered a need for the kids at Sunburst Elementary School. Most of the children at Sunburst count on school breakfast and lunch for their meals. The school is still making the meals, but, in some instances, the families can not pick them up. We are partnering to deliver! If you are able to do this, please let us know. We are building a delivery team. This is for our people that are NOT in the high risk category. So if you are under 60, healthy, with no underlying health complications and no one at home that fits that category…You are our human! Hit the response button to get added to the list. We will get you all the info.
2. We have been made aware that there is a blood shortage. We are working with our partners to conduct a blood drive on our campus. This is a much needed service. Stay tuned for the when! Again, the same qualification regarding those at risk applies. 
3. We are working with a grassroots movement to visibly provide prayer for the patients and staff at Banner Thunderbird Hospital. Drive onto the parking lot and park from 6:30-7:00pm. Put your hazard lights on and pray! The staff at Banner has been made aware that this is happening. Prayer is powerful….partnership in prayer is exponentially powerful! We all can do this! Hit the response button to indicate your interest. 
4. We have a team of people that are calling EVERYONE in the church. We are praying and connecting! If you can be a caller let us know! We will give you the tools and training to be effective. If you got relational skills, you like people, and can follow a script, this is for you!
You know the drill…..hit the response button!

OK. That’s enough for today. Stay tuned for another batch to come! 

– PR

March 25, 2020

Greetings to the most awesome church this side of the Jordan river! 

I so appreciate all the emails, cards, texts, and encouragement. It was awesome to hear all the reports from worshipers this past Sunday when we brought church TO YOU! Thanks for joining us!

A bunch of you have asked how the staff is doing during this challenging time. You might think the staff has less to do with program on site shutting down. The truth is that the opposite is true. Staff is working longer hours trying to connect with all of you and to minister to our kids and youth. We have daily tactical meetings as well as our regular weekly meetings. A lot of brainstorming, research, and problem solving is going on. I am so very grateful for this high-capacity staff.

Having said all that, I need your help. As you can imagine, amidst all the challenges our society is facing and the challenge of online church, our giving has dipped. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to reduce costs while at the same time increasing our online engagement. We are being super creative to continue to serve you and also bless our community. If you are blessed to be receiving income, would you please include CCC in your budgeting process? Signing up for automatic reoccurring giving would be a huge help! Otherwise, hitting that give button during the online service would help, too! 

CCC has always risen to the challenge. You are very important to me and vital to this mission. Thank you in advance for beginning or expanding your giving. You could even be an instant blessing by hitting that give button below! What better time to start?

May God’s richest blessings by yours!
Much love and appreciation,

March 24, 2020

Greetings CCC Family!

Thank you for being so adaptable during this time. It was truly a joy to be able to spend time in community together on Sunday despite the inability to meet together in person.

In an effort to continue cultivating community, there will be a Live Prayer Session with the CCC staff on Friday, March 27 at 7pm. Tune into our Facebook page at that time to join us for a dose of joy and refreshment as we come together to pray, remembering that God ultimately has control over everything going on.

We are also closely monitoring COVID-19 updates during this time and will pass along future changes to you as we know them.

That being said, Easter at CCC is going to look different this year. We will be having services and groups online, at least until Easter, with updates after that coming as we have them.

Since we are unable to have a huge group together for our annual family-friendly party to bless our community, we have opted to make fantastic, fun Easter baskets that will be available for COVID-19-friendly pick-up on Friday, April 10, and Saturday, April 11, from 10am-12pm at the church.

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March 19, 2020


Greetings CCC Family!
It has been so much fun connecting with our CCC family with online content and Facebook posts. It’s great to see that you haven’t lost your sense of humor! This weekend is going to be amazing. We have been preparing all week. I’ll tell you what, for a guy who only works one day a week, I sure have been busy.

I also want to give a shout-out to all the staff. This team is a bunch of rock stars, and I’m so proud of them! AND how about our volunteers?! Seriously! We have people stepping up all over the place. We have people checking in on group members and offering to help. We have our Sunday team members all gearing up to serve for online worship. This truly is an amazing church! 

So today I have a “find” and a “favor”. The find is through the links below. You can access a bunch of things going on in our area and also get some great content and resources.
Maricopa County Updates
City of Glendale Updates
Senior Grocery Shopping Hours
Glendale Union High School District Updates
Washington Elementary School District Updates
Also another find is a new worship song Amanda will be introducing this Sunday at the 10:30 service. Just click to button below to see it!
Amanda’s Worship Video

So here is the favor. Would you please begin sending us things that are unusual or funny that deal with our current reality. It could be a brief write up of a situation you ran into. Like today I went to get coffee. The Barista took and ran my credit card and then showed me the iPad. She said “you can’t touch it but I could put in a tip”…as she handed me back my credit card. Apparently credit cards are corona immune and iPads are not. Who knew? 

Your submission could be something funny one of your kids/grandkids said. It could be one of those, “You know you’ve been quarantined  when…” It could be a photo, like Pastor Anthony Mateos showing up at a staff meeting in full hazmat gear. You get the idea. We are going to collect them and share them. Email them to the office at or by simply replying to this email.

We have a great God who is still on the throne!
We have a great church that is engaged and serving!
We have a great opportunity to be the church for our community!

God bless!

March 18, 2020

It’s Wednesday, and I’m sad.

I’m sad that I will not get to see so many wonderful CCC kids, youth, and adults at God Rocks tonight, but I am also excited. It is going to be a great night as kids and preteens log onto their CCC Facebook pages and check out some virtual programming at 6:30!!! (Links to those groups below)

AND….this Sunday we will have the largest worship attendance we have had ALL YEAR! It is going to be so amazing worshiping with you all.

Think about it. This will be the first Sunday all year no one has a reason they can’t worship! Are you sick? No problem! Grab your honey-lemon tea and your box of tissues and log on! You stayed up late binge-watching Netflix? It’s all good! Grab some coffee and crash out on the couch with your church family online! You don’t have any clean clothes? No worries! Throw on that robe and pull up a seat with your computer or phone.
Like I said….epic!


So here is the scoop: we will be online 30 minutes before the start of each service. You can log on from our website Just hit the “Watch Live” button on the new home page! Click the button below to see a quick tutorial.

Prior to services, you can chat with the staff and other greeters. Don’t forget to say “Hey!” to your church family in the chat section! Letting us know you are with us makes it all the more special!

Services will start promptly at 8:30 and 10:30am, just like every regular Sunday, which means that if you show up late you are gonna miss out on things! If you are one of the 15 people in the city that still have to work Sunday morning, you can still catch the sermon online later like always.

Talk to you soon,

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March 17, 2020

Greetings CCC Family,

I just want you to know that I miss you already! The relationships we have at CCC are really life-giving to me! Every day, I head over to After the Bell to hang out with the kids and intern/mentors. Every Monday, I love being in my Jesus-Shaped Life Group. Each Wednesday, I love family dinner and seeing you all as you get seconds and thirds from the amazing kitchen crew. Sundays are the best! So many hugs and handshakes and stories from the week. I echo Paul’s words when he said, “I give thanks every time I remember you!” Yes, you really are that awesome!

In this season, some things change, but other things remain the same. You know about many of the changes, but please remember that in this season our relationships DON’T change. We remain the wonderful close-knit family we have always been…. We just don’t get as many hugs. 

It is more important than ever that we stay connected. The staff is meeting daily this week to plan and prepare ways to engage and connect with the CCC family. Here are five updates we know today:

1. We are working with the deacons on ways we can “be the church” in this challenging time. We desire especially to provide for any needs our senior saints may have at this time. So if you have a need or if you are in a position to help, contact Yvonne Nash at!

2. A great way to stay connected is through our small groups. Most are continuing to meet online and/or staying connected through email, text, and Facebook. If you are not in a group but would like to be, let us know! We are planning some sermon-based discussion groups to begin ASAP. 

3. A couple weeks ago, we had an amazing Saturday talking about the discipleship roll-out plan for CCC. We are planning a follow-up video to answer questions. It’s coming! Thanks for your patience. 

4. God Rocks is going online this Wednesday at 6:30! Kids and preteens can participate via their phones or computers by clicking the link that will be posted in their Facebook groups (links to the groups below)! Karen and the crew are trying to find a way to send family dinner through the internet….no luck on that yet….but programming is a for sure!

5. We are getting super intentional about staying in touch. Here are links to things that you will find helpful.

CCC Facebook

 KDMN Facebook Group

Preteen Facebook Group

CCC Instagram

Until tomorrows update, remember how loved you are! Remember what an awesome God we have! Remember to be the hands and feet of Jesus! Remember to be persons of peace in an anxiety filled world! 

In Christ,

March 16, 2020

Hi CCC Family,

Thanks so much for your understanding and support during these challenging times. We are a church that loves our neighbors, members, and guests; consequently, we are carefully monitoring local, state, and national developments surrounding the COVID-19. I am so grateful that we as a family don’t succumb to paranoia or hysteria. We are a level-headed, faith-filled bunch that seeks to be both wise and helpful in these challenging times.

As some of you know, there has been a mass closure of schools and strong encouragement from government entities to not meet in groups of over 10 people. That means we will still be meeting – but in a different way. For the next two weeks we will not be having our Wednesday night program, God Rocks. We will, however, be sending out kids video programming directly to your email inbox!

We will not be gathering on the church campus for worship services; however, we WILL be gathering online for services streamed directly to your home computers and phones!! So even though you can’t come to us, we will be coming to you! We invite you to join us for the complete 8:30 or 10:30 service! You can even access the notes and prayer chat with an elder after the service! You will be able to give online as well. Detailed instructions about this online service will be sent to you soon.

We are also encouraging all groups to meet via the Zoom meeting platform. Yvonne Nash will be assisting with those instructions. Look for those to hit your inboxes.

We will keep you up to date as further developments arise.

Grateful for you all!