Message Series: You [Don't] Complete Me

Pastor Yvonne speaks about how we all should bear God's image and resemble Him through our relations with one another. God created us to live in harmony, produce life, and care for each other and creation!

Our lead Pastor Candidate Tyler Thompson speaks at CCC! How exciting! He teaches us that nothing other than God's redeeming, completing love completes us. However lost or broken we might be, God calls everyone from all parts of the world to be complete in Him!

Pastor Yvonne wraps up this sermon series by talking about God's Completing love. In any relationship, God's love should be the foundation. How can YOU honor God in all your relationships?

Pastor Anthony speaks about how our lives should be centered around God's mission for us. No matter what relationship status we have, we are all called to a higher purpose through Him!

Pastor Anthony talks about how we need to protect ourselves and others from the evil one. He teaches us how we must stand together in community to remain faithful and not succumb to the temptations of the evil one. No man is an island. Together we are strong!

In this solo sermon, Pastor Jerry talks about our very exciting new chapter here at CCC! Though at times we might feel discouraged, the bible says to have courage and strength through times of transition. God will be with us!