Message Series:

What You Do Best

Do you know what your giftings are and how they help to build up the body of Christ? Join us for part one of the new series, What You Do Best, as we hear from the author about how we're made and why how we're wired matters.

Pastor Anthony Mateos speaks on the element of what love is and how all things work when one has love in their heart. Giftedness gets you in the door but your active love will keep you there. Make your love worth something not nothing.


How can we use our God given gifts to work together as a team? Discover with us which gifts are for coaches and which are for players, and how that works practically within the church.

Pastor Jeff speaks about how each of us has spiritual gifts and strengths to bring to the table and how we're designed to work together. Don't be a lone ranger! Use your gifts to help others and they can help you as well when we build up the body of Christ together.

Join us as we hear from Pastor Jeff Allen about how Christians are to work together toward a common goal. We strive for unity in the midst of people with different God given gifts and are reminded that unity does not mean uniformity.

Are you using your God given gifts or are you neglecting them? Do you know what you're unique gifts are? In part 6 of the series What You Do Best, Pastor Bruce Bugbee challenges us to discover our spiritual gifts so we don't squander what God has given us.