Message Series:

Unlikely Heroes

How are a judge and executioner heroes in the Bible? Dive with us into the story of Deborah and Jael in Judges chapter 4 as we discover how God calls the most unlikely of heroes by asking them to listen and obey.


Are heroes just stronger, smarter and better than the rest of us? Or do they just have more sheer willpower? Join us this week as Chestly shows us how Barnabas is a hero that we wouldn't expect...He had mentors too.

If God told you to do something out of the ordinary to be healed, would you do it? Dive into the story of Naaman with us as we hear about just that - how Naaman answered an uncomfortable call and was used by God.

Small compromises can lead to big problems. But Tamar chose to give her brokenness to God. With God we are never doomed or disqualified..

In our new series, Unlikely Heroes, we dive into the book of Esther. Esther is usually the hero of this story, but what about Mordecai? Discover with us why he is an unlikely hero and how we can follow his example.

Rahab was a prostitute, liar, and traitor who only looked out for herself. So, why does the Bible hail her as a hero? Join us as we learn more about Rahab's story and how your past doesn't have to determine your future.

You may not know the story of Caleb, a Bible hero that led the nation of Israel when they needed him 85 years old. No matter your age, you can still create lasting impact when you answer God's call.

Who was Hezekiah in the Bible and why was he important? This lesser know king was courageous when it mattered most by using his secret weapon. Listen with us as we discover how we can follow Hezekiah's example and lead well.

Do you have haters in your life? Have you wondered how to respond and what to say to them? In this week's message, Pastor Chestly shares how Abigail dealt with the haters in her life. Take a look with us at her example.