Message Series: People of Promise

March 17 - Pastor Tyler Thomson reads from Genesis 32:1-21 and reminds us that we are not worthy of steadfast love and faithfulness. But God's goodness gives us a way to accept that love He gives.


March 3 - Pastor Jerry Dykstra preaches on Genesis 29-30 and reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of God through Christ Jesus.


February 18 - Pastor Anthony Mateos preaches on Genesis 26-27. He leads us through the passage and shows us how Isaac and his family try to make their ways come to fruition instead of the Lord's, but ultimately the Lord is faithful to the blessing He promises.


March 10 - Pastor Tyler Thompson encourages us to let go of "household gods" and cling to the true Heavenly Father with devotion and prayer. He reads from Genesis 29-30


February 25 - Pastor Tyler Thompson preaches from Genesis 28 and reminds us of God’s Blessing: to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, and eventually…to you and me!

February 11 - Pastor Tyler Thompson reads Genesis 25:19-34 and discusses the beginning of Jacob and Esau's story. He dives into the blessing and the glorious grace of God.