Message Series: Origin Stories

August 13-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares an important message about God and his creation. Throughout the sermon, we tackle the big questions to find the ultimate response: there is a God, who has created all things with purpose.

August 27-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares a sermon on Genesis 3. This message highlights the human condition, while showing humanity's need for the Savior, Jesus.

September 10-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares a sermon from the book of Genesis. This sermon shows how the people are searching for the Savior from the offspring of Eve. Pastor Tyler poses a question about this text, "who do you want to be when you grow up?". The reading from this sermon shows the origin of humanity and how God shapes each person.

September 24-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares a sermon on Provision from Genesis 7. This sermon shows how God is more interested in our "needs" than our "wants". God is going to shape humanity to live and walk in obedience with God.

October 8-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares a message about Nations and how they spread after leaving the arc, and how it ultimately would lead us to Jesus.

October 22-Pastor Tyler Thompson gives a sermon on "Calling". This sermon continues in the book of Genesis, and the story of Abram. Pastor Tyler shares different ways God can call us. This is where faith comes into the story, and walking with God along the way is enough.

November 5-Pastor Tyler shares a sermon from Genesis, and shares about the life of Abraham. There are seven lessons we can learn from the life of Abraham. God 's faithfulness is seen through the covenant he makes with Abraham.

August 20-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares a powerful message about Imago Dei. The image of God and how it impacts our life, our image and humanity.

September 3-Pastor Yvonne Nash shares an impactful message about the story of Cain and Abel from Genesis 4. Though this passage shows how sin can disrupt relationships, this passage shows how God is always present. There is always a "way of escape" for sinful humanity, because of what Jesus's death and resurrection accomplished.

September 17-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares a sermon about the heart of man at this time. As the church reads through Genesis 6, the people in this chapter are living a life of corruption. God is going to use Noah, and Noah is obedient. Obedience in the midst of corruption makes the blameless one look ridiculous. God shows his mercy to mankind by not allowing for sin to continue.

OCtober 1-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares a sermon from Genesis 8:2-9:17. This sermons highlights the covenant with Noah and the generations to come. God is faithful even when we are not.

October 15-Pastor Anthony Mateos gives a sermon on the "Tower of Babel" from Genesis 11. This sermon touches on the cycle of rebellion and how God still showed up for the people. God sent Jesus for humanity to be saved. Pastor Anthony encourages us to believe in the hope of the Gospel.

October 29-Pastor Tyler Thompson share a sermon from John 10:7-11. This sermon shows the battle for our souls. Jesus is the door into the way of the truth and the life. Through Christ, we have entrance into safe pastures. Jesus was sent so we might have life and life beyond what we can ask or imagine.

November 19-Pastor Tyler Thompson shares a sermon from Genesis 18-20. He shares the importance of prayer and intercessory prayer. Intercessory prayer brings God's people to an understanding of who He is, and who they are. In this sermon, there is a theme to trust God and not to look back from the things God has brought you out of. Rather humanity can trust in the Lord to provide and make a way.

November 26-Pastor Jerry Dykstra shares a sermon on Genesis 22. This sermon focuses on faith in God. When tested by God, we should respond in faith to God to provide. In all things, we should worship God, because God is worth our worship.