Message Series: God Breathed

To kick off this brand new sermon series, our new lead Pastor, Tyler, teaches us how we can put every good word to good use. When God breathes, we are moved by his breathe and new life begins!

In this Sermon, Pastor Anthony Mateos teaches us how to put God's word as your top priority and asks us this question: Is Jesus your ALL or are you just a fan? While some may question us, we should always live as if we are a living sacrifice to God and devote all we do to Him! Whenever we get discouraged, we should remember what Jesus said: He is the way, the truth, and the life!

Our new Senior Pastor, Tyler Thompson, teaches us that God's rebuke reveals how we are missing the mark in our lives and how to restore our lives to how they should be. Tyler encourages us not to shy away from God's rebuke, but rather to embrace it, so that we may have open hearts to grow in our relationship with God and understand His Word!


Pastor Tyler goes through a section of Jesus' famous sermon on the mount and teaches us six ways that God uses His Word to correct our understanding and practice. Through listening and honoring God's Word, we not only improve ourselves, but the lives of those around us!