Message Series:


What is prayer and worship at it's core? Songs that we sing? Prayers of thanks for our food? Join us as we discover how to live our lives from a place of worship and prayer in the final part to our series, Fundamentals.

When we become Christ followers we are adopted as God's children into a community of believers. How does God tell us we are supposed to treat our fellow brothers and sisters? Does it really matter? Listen with us as Pastor Jerry Dykstra shares how living in community is about more than just getting along. We can live in a way that holds one another up and restores relationships.

The Church is one of the crucial components of the foundation of our Christian faith. is the church defined, and how is it supposed to function? Join us in Part 3 of the Fundamental series as we find out together.

What picture that comes to mind when you hear the word "God"? A old man in the sky with a grey beard? A judge searching for people to punish? Join us in part 2 of the Fundamentals series as we go back to our foundations to take a deeper look at who the Bible says that God is.

What are you letting influence your life? God speaks through His Word, the Bible, but are we really listening? In part one of the new series, Fundamentals, we dive into how to intentionally let the Bible influence your life and decisions.