Jesus has been called many things: a prophet, a teacher, a lunitic, a liar, myrtar, man, and God. Who did Jesus himself say that He was? Join us as we go through the "I Am" statements of Jesus and gain a better understanding of Jesus and who you are to Him.

Pastor Jeff shares a powerful message of who Jesus is for us and where he can be found as we walk through life and encounter struggle. Jesus is the resurrection and through him you may find life.





Jesus is the only way! Pastor Anthony Mateos talks about how Jesus is the only way, and as sheep we must be willing to listen to our Shepard for directions in life.






Pastor Jerry Dykstra teaches us about the Good Shepherd and who he is in our lives. We are sheep in this world and there is only ONE Good Shepherd.






Stuck in darkness? Most of us are! Pastor Yvonne shares a powerful message about how most of us are stuck in darkness and Jesus provides us with the light we need in this world to be able to defeat the darkness we find ourselves in.





Do you ever find yourself choosing materialistic items over the word of Christ? Pastor Anthony Mateos shares a wonderful message on the Bread of Life and how we can never feel completely full unless we choose the Heavenly over the Earthly.


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