Current sermon series is titled "Proof" and exegetes the life of Jesus in his final days leading to the cross, after his resurrection, and his ascension to heaven.

April 14 - Pastor Tyler Thompson preaches on John 20:19-29. He shares about the appearance of Jesus to Thomas, and how Thomas believes because he has seen.


March 31 - Pastor Tyler preaches on Resurrection Sunday from John 20 about the time Jesus appeared to Mary.


April 7 - Pastor Tyler Thompson spoke on Luke 24:13-35 and reminded us of all the roles that Jesus fulfilled in His life, death, and resurrection.


March 25 - Pastor Anthony Mateos preaches from John 12:9-19 and discuss the after affects of Jesus appearing in Jerusalem. He leaves us with three questions: What kind of king am I looking for? Have I missed seeing Jesus for who he is? Is Jesus my King and Savior?



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