Lead Pastor Search Process


We're On This Journey Together!

Find out what our Lead Pastor search process looks like

The Journey - Where We've Been

We've been on an intentional journey to be a healthy and united church family following the departure of our Lead Pastor and KDMin/After-the-Bell Director last fall.


We’ve leaned into what it means to become a more healthy church in the 8-part message series, Emotionally Healthy Church. This included 3 church-wide Round Table discussions and other events led by consultants Bruce Bugbee (Regional Executive Far West Region, RCA), Jeff Allen (Thrive Coaching Network), and Dr. Lori Weiters (Purposeful Leadership Consulting).


The CCC Round Tables were an amazing opportunity to sit with new friends and really listen to one another's hurts and desires as we looked back at where we'd been, addressed our current realities, and looked forward to what God will do through us in the future. We’ve gathered the data from these discussions and shared it with our church family. If you missed those emails, not to worry - you can find them in My CCC by clicking HEREThe feedback shared from these events and conversations is being used to guide decisions and determine the next steps.


The Staff and Admin Team continue to collaborate and navigate this season of transition together. To best serve our church, we’ve committed to a healthy process of closure, vision clarity, relationship renewal, and organizational health. Our key goals are to remain unified and to seek God’s guidance and provision for the years ahead. We thank God for you and for each one’s part in making this happen!

The Search Team - Where We're At

CCC continues to journey toward closure while looking to the next chapters God is authoring for our church. Coached by consultants Bruce Bugbee and Jeff Allen, the Admin Team and Staff have collaborated to enlist several members to serve on the Search Team.


The Search Team is a group of 8 individuals who represent a variety of demographics in our church, have been a part of the Emotionally Healthy Church process, and are known to have a wise, spiritually-mature character, relevant competencies, a love for God, and a love for CCC.

Adam Dykstra

Entrepreneur, Business Owner; long-time church member & Leader. Father of 3 teenagers and husband to an incredible woman, leader, and mother.

Kelli Knox

Retired School Office Manager.

Rick Cosgrove

Commercial Demand & Inventory Leader, Disciple, Husband, Dad, & Friend.

Traci Bruns

Stay-at-home mom with prior experience in executive administration and restaurant management; lifelong Jesus follower.

Charlene Warner


Laurie McCall

Master of Education in Counseling

Social Worker, Family Support Specialist in Kinship Care and Adoptions.

Cindy Moore

Accounting Administrator, long-time church member. Church Administrator for 20+ years.

Joe Thelen

Financial Services.

The Process - Step-By-Step Details

The process below follows the “Guided Search Process” roadmap as outlined by the RCA and our consultants:

  1.      Pastoral Transition Initiated
  2.      Identify Intercessory Team
  3.      Create Transition Team
  4.      Form Search Team
  5.      Lay-of-the-Land Study (demographics, psychographics, etc.)
  6.      Church Profile Completed
  7.      Pastor Profile Completed
  8.      Recruiting Brochure and Collateral Materials Completed
  9.      Admin Team Approval of Church and Pastor Profiles, Recruiting Materials
  10.      Accountable Leadership Model Implemented
  11.      Long-List Candidates
  12.      Profile-List Candidates
  13.      Short-List Candidates
  14.      Assess Candidates
  15.      Candidate Presented to Admin Team
  16.      Admin Team Candidate Vetting & Affirmation
  17.      Candidate Introduced and Interacts with Congregation
  18.      Congregational Feedback
  19.      Admin Team Extends Call to New Lead Pastor
  20.      New Lead Pastor Accepts Call


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How long does the search process take?
How were the members of the Search Team chosen
Will the congregation be told about candidates?
Will congregation members be able to vote on candidates?
Will congregation members receive updates?
What criteria do we have for a new Pastor?
Who is the Lead Pastor during the search ?
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