“Bless & Bounce” is CCC’s Christmas Campaign designed to develop relationships between you and your neighbors. Choose any amount of neighbors who live near you (we recommend 2-8 families) and bless them with 4 weekly gifts during the month of December. These gifts are meant to be personal and low-cost, but choose whatever fits you best! Most items can be purchased at the dollar store. You can select 4 items (1 per week) from the suggested menu below – or think of your own creative ideas! Each week deliver a gift to your selected neighbors’ doorsteps. You can do a no-contact door drop or ring the bell for a quick chat and then ‘bless & bounce’. 

We encourage you to pair the gift with a personal touch such as a handwritten note, prayer, or your contact info. We hope that “Bless & Bounce” will aid you in building relationships with your neighbors where you get to live, love, and look like Jesus in your everyday life. As you build friendships you may consider inviting them over for a BBQ, including them in your watch party for church online, or asking how you can pray for them throughout the year. 

Stop by the CCC office for note cards, prayer cards, stickers, bags, and ribbon. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship to cover your expenses contact Yvonne at ynash@cccaz.org

We’d love to hear your stories and see pictures of your creative gifts! Post on our Facebook page with #Bless&Bounce

Gift Ideas:

A homemade or store bought baked good
(pie, cookies, cupcakes, etc)

Your favorite holiday recipe card
(dessert, drink, dish)

Activity kit for kids and families
(purchase or make your own from dollar store: cookie decorating supplies, popsicle stick ornaments, Santa & Reindeer puppets, beaded candy canes, etc)

(homemade craft of store bought)

A decor item
(candle, wreath, lanterns, signs, etc)

Small stocking with gifts
(candycane, pencils, toys, chapstick, etc)

Mason jar with candy or hot chocolate supplies


Ideas to include along with your gift:

Contact information (phone number, name, and/or “blue house on the corner”)

Handwritten note saying “hi!” (CCC provides note cards)

Written prayer card (CCC provides prayer cards)

Invitation to event at your house (driveway hot cocoa, fire pit night, watch party)


Example Bless & Bounce Plan:

5 neighbors selected: the house on either side of ours and also the 3 houses across the street

Dec 1: Deliver 6 sealed, store bought cookies to each home with a handwritten note that includes your name and house number. 

Dec 6: Using crafts from the dollar store, create an ornament and deliver with a written prayer card for their family. 

Dec 13: Gather cookie decorating supplies from dollar store (sprinkles, icing, cookie cutter), package in a bag and deliver with your favorite cookie recipe. 

Dec 20: Fill a small stocking with candy canes, chapstick, lotion, and sanitizer and deliver with an invitation to a firepit night in your driveway for New Year’s Eve.