When Something New

Isn’t New at All…


Have you ever received a gift from someone and you know that it is a hand me down? Or have you ever gone to a thrift store and purchased something that someone else owned before and found yourself really excited? I do it all the time. I have been very blessed to have people in my life who have gifted me with their “old” stuff that is now “new” to me. I love to shop in thrift or antique stores and find things that spark my interest and wonder what the history of the item was for someone else. I also realize that sometimes people don’t find the value in these things and so they get rid of them. Finding something old, that becomes new treasures for not only myself and others is an exciting way of life for me. It also helps that I am frugal and want to get the biggest bang for a buck!!

Another way of life for me is I don’t tend to separate my home life from my church life or my church life from my work life or my kid life from my ministry life. It all blends. I hope to be the same person in each area. A person who loves those I encounter and sees those who are hurting, all the while following God’s will for my life. So, when new comes along, I pray, I wait and I move. This new season of life for me is new in the sense of working at the church full time but living a life of ministry is not new. Being the Outreach and Discipleship pastor is new to me but living a life being a disciple who makes new disciples is not new. In fact, the concept of Huddles is new to the church perhaps but it’s not new to me at all. I was actually Huddled 10 years ago and it’s the foundation on how I disciple others to this day. Just look at the Preteen Team. If you have ever seen them in action, they love who they are and what they get to do! Over and over again, I am told how much growth people have seen in our leaders and their genuine love for the Preteens and I would totally agree! I would also love to take full credit for all this amazing stuff but the truth is, yes, I have an intentional role as their discipleship leader but each one of them have committed their lives to Christ, to a discipling culture and have found their sweet spot in ministry. They get it!

That is my vision for my new role at CCC that I so graciously get to live in. I want people to meet and commit to Christ. I want them to “Join the Family” here at CCC, I want them to enter into Huddles, a discipling relationship and I want them to become missionally engaged, so that as The Church we can live out who God has called us to be and see monumental Kingdom impact in the process. I want us all to go on a “new” journey, that isn’t really new at all and find the joy in living out our Jesus Shaped lives.