Grace With a Little


About a month ago I was taking my wife to work because her car was getting fixed. As you might know, Driving in the morning is not our definition of fun. It seems that everyone decides to jump in their car before the caffeine can hit their bloodstream. From the very beginning, it was a slow and painful stop and go. I remember I was having an amazing intelligent conversation with my wife about Mexican tacos vs American tacos. When all of a sudden I heard a loud bang coming from the rear and our bodies got flung forward then pushed back by our seatbelts (Remember kids buckle up).

What people don’t tell you about fender benders is how loud they are. All of a sudden I felt my head get really hot like if I just eat a dozen suicide wings, my hands started to shake and I slammed on my emergency break with the power of the incredible Hulk. I quickly turned to my wife and asked if she was ok. As soon as I hear yes I stormed out of my truck to see what in the world had happened. As I stepped out I let out a ferocious BRO! The gentleman in the other car just sat in his car as if nothing had happened. That seemed to irritate me a lot more. So I commanded him to get out of his car, he stared at me for a few seconds more. I acutely don’t blame the guy for not wanting to get out of his car. If a “handsome bearded warrior looking man” got out of the car I just hit I would probably lock my doors, my wife would rather describe me as an “angry chubby chinchilla” but you get the point. I once again raised my voice and told him to look at his car to see if everything was okay.

At this point, I had realized that nothing had really happened but in my head, my anger had consumed me. We both saw that our cars had no damage so we agreed to go our different ways. When I got back in the car it seemed that I had forgotten how to use my inside voice. It took about a mile until I realized what I had done and said. Then the guilt hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt bad even when I was in the good.

Fast forward, two weeks later. I had some free time in between meetings so I decided to go to the store. That’s when it happened again, (If you think this is the part where I redeemed and show grace you might be mistaken) I didn’t realize that the car in front of had slammed on their breaks. I tried I really did. I slammed on my breaks but I was going too fast.  My tires locked and skidded on the hot black pavement. Inside a cloud of white smoke, you heard a loud “Thunk”. I could not believe it, twice in one month. I exited my car expecting to hear yelling and maybe some adult words. It was my fault after all. 

Rather than been meet with hard words and loud volume I was greeted with a simple “are you okay?” all I could do was return the question. Nobody was injured and zero damage had been afflicted. Instead of getting and the angry person telling me to get out of my car, I got a simple smile and soft word. I was shown grace from a complete stranger. We parted ways and all I could think about was my previous fender bender. Grace with a little whiplash. If you are still wondering what tacos are best, Mexican style tacos are the winners’ hands down. “If you would like to debate this, I am hungry multiple times a day, 7 days a week”